Electronic Depth Gauge Gage

Product Description
The Fowler 54-125-777 Electronic Depth Gauge gage has a measurement range of 0 to 22", and a resolution (or smallest graduation interval) of 0.0005", with +/- .001”/.03mm accuracy. The LCD screen displays in U.S./metric. This depth gauge includes six rods that connect together for the 22" range and two extra points for small holes, one 0.078 inch diameter x 1" long and one needle point x 1" long. The gauge has an On/Off button and a zero reset that can be used at any position. The base is 4" long and has been ground, hardened, and lapped for durability and accurate measurements. The gauges conform to Federal Accuracy specifications. The shipping weight of the gauge is 0.9 lb. and it comes with a hardened plastic case. Depth gauges are typically used in manufacturing, machining, and mechanical engineering.

Depth gauges are precision measuring instruments used to determine the depth of any shape that has a step, groove, or slot. These gauges often take the form of sliders that travel on a measuring beam or rods, are moved to position by hand, and then adjusted with a calibrated screw. The base of the gauge rests at the top of the shape whose recession is to be measured, while the beam or rods extend to the bottom of the recession to determine the measurement. Gauge position is read from a graduated scale, dial, counters, or an electronic display.

Fowler Precision manufactures inspection and measurement instruments such as electronic indicators, calipers, bore gages, and digital scales. The company, founded in 1946, is headquartered in Newton, MA.

What's in the Box?

· Fowler 54-125-777 depth gauge
· (6) Measuring rods
· (2) Points for small holes (one 0.078" diameter x 1" long and one needle point x 1" long)
· Hardened case
· Instructions
· 1 extra ball contact point

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