MICHELIN SCHRADER EURODAINU เกจวัดเติมลมยาง  (R-1821-Z)

 Schrader Eurodainu for inflating and checking of pressure. Manufactured under license from Michelin. Gauge can be used both for air and nitrogen inflating.

Air inlet connector F G ¼
Watertight performance reinforced with a transparent dial
Rubber protector around the measuring system
Very high measuring accuracy with this level of accuracy maintained in the event of an impact of the device
Robustness: IXEF material in glass fiber- reinforced high technology plastic
Safety handle
Corrosion resistant internal mechanism
Air filtered in the indicator mechanism by stainless steel and nickel silver micro- porous filter
Device resistant to accidental high pressure of 13.75 bar in compliance with the standard

Technical data: Graduation: 0,7 to 11 bar/ 10 to 160 psi
Accuracy: 0,1 bar
Hose: 7x13 mm, length 1,5 m
Air inlet side coupler: F-G ¼
Use: Motorbikes, Passenger cars, Trucks

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