Norbar Torque Multiplier 180215

Norbar Torque Multiplier 180215  HT-92/25 4000 N.m 1∕2" in 1" out AWUR 
  • Compact dimensions allow excellent access to applica ons and easy, safe handling
  • Lightweight for torque capacity
  • Supplied as standard with an aluminium reac on arm (Steel reactions for HT-52). Other op ons are available on request, including customised reactions
  • Torquemul plica onaccuracy±4%
  • Robust,48toothAn Wind-UpRatchet (AWUR) contains the forces generated during ghtening for safe and easy opera on
  • Each mul plier is supplied with its own unique calibration certificate allowing the accurate calcula on of input torque for cri cal applica ons 

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