2-arm universal puller with sliding, always parallel trigger hooks


The 2-arm universal puller is used to remove bearings, gears and discs in all common sizes for crafts, workshops and industry. This allows any component that sits on a shaft and is freely accessible from the outside to be detached. Equipped with robust and adjustable standard hooks, the puller all-rounder ensures particularly safe, non-destructive disassembly both when pulling out the outside and removing the inside.

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    Universal puller with sliding always parallel trigger hooks Description The 3-arm universal puller with quick-adjustable trigger hook is used for pulling off bearings, gears and di...

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    KUKKO 22-01 Sets of slide hammers in caseภายในบรรจุ เครื่องมือ 10 ชิ้น ดังนี้M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12 M7, M10, 15-16G
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