GEDORE Torque Multiplier 6000 N.m

Gedore Torque Multiplier Max.6000 N.m Ratio 18:1 Input drive 3/4" Output drive 1-1/2"

  • ›  The slender, lighter structure of the appliances ensures convenient and safe working - even where conditions are particularly cramped.

  • ›  Repetition-accurate and precise results - supported by individual factory test certificates - ensure a maximum degree of job safety.

  • ›  High degree of resilience and long life of the appliances attributable to a low- backlash planet gear with Ceramic-Teflon® coating.

  • ›  A 30 % + lighter steel housing thanks to the use of high-performance aluminium.

  • ›  Each torque multiplier is examined as to its torque range at the factory and provided with an individual factory test certificate.

  • ›  Precise, reliable figures - even under extreme climatic conditions

  • ›  Easy to operate: The most common INPUT/OUTPUT torques on the torque multiplier

  • torcofix.jpg
    TORQUE WRENCH TORCOFIX K 1-850 N·m / 0.75-630 lbf·ft Use: ›Controlled screw tightening in the most widely used range of 1 - 850 N·m / 0.75 - 630 lbf·ft (guide for screws M3-6.9 to ...

  • GEDORE 6129360.jpg
    BIT SOCKET SET 1/2" 15 pieces For in-hex screws short and longIn GEDORIT blue sheet steel caseDimensions: 320 x 210 x 55 mmINBUS® = reg. trademark of Ruia Global Fasteners AG, ...

  • GEDORE Bit Socket set 15 pcs_310.jpg
    BIT SOCKET SET 1/2" 9 pieces For in-hex screws (INBUS®)In GEDORIT blue sheet steel case5Dimensions: 281 x 79 x 35 mm INBUS® = reg. trademark of Ruia Global Fasteners AG...

  • DREMOMETER - permanent precisionTorque wrench made of high-strength aluminium alloy Drive in accordance with application: DREMOMETERS are available for a large variety of applic...
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